Fine-Tuning Your Biltwell Helmet for a Perfect Fit

Fine-Tuning Your Biltwell Helmet for a Perfect Fit

For any motorcycle helmet to perform its main function—namely, to provide protection during an accident—it must fit snugly and comfortably on your head. Every Biltwell Lane Splitter—and every Gring...
Back to basics

Back to Basics: Harley-Davidson Sportster Maintenance

It's my humble and totally unsubstantiated opinion that Harley riders started slacking on doing their own work around 1984 1/2 when the last of the kickstart bikes rolled off the Milwaukee assemb...
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biltwell pegs

Biltwell Foot Pegs: Tech, Tips and Pics for Better Customizing

In the greasy realm of DIY customizing, changing foot pegs ranks high among easy tweaks that are fun to do and that add personal style and performance to your motorcycle. Among the myriad compani...
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Biltwell Black —What It Is, Why We Think It's Better, and How to Care For It

Over the years we've fielded thousands of questions from inquisitive bikeriders who want to know more about the parts we make for their motorcycles. Tops on the list of customer Q&A might be, "...
Artsy Stuff

Tons of Sissy Bar Ideas

Supposedly a “sissy bar” was originally a handle put on the back fender or rear of a motorcycle’s frame to give people a place to grab onto so they could help a racer through a difficult section on...
Installation How-To's

DIY 101: Installing Handlebars

Installing handlebars. What could be easier, right? Wrong. The complexities surrounding this seemingly simple mod might surprise you. Consider just the basics like cable, wires and hand controls. D...
Installation How-To's

DIY 101: Installing Biltwell Foot Pegs on Stock Harley-Davidsons

With four different models to choose from, the Biltwell range of foot pegs for Harley-Davidsons is robust. Each model is designed and manufactured to complement different styles of custom motorcy...
Installation How-To's

DIY 101: Biltwell Whiskey Throttle and Grips

This month’s DIY 101 comes in two parts: installing our Whiskey throttle, and installing grips. Our Whiskey Throttle is compatible with a wide range of different model year Harley-Davidson and se...
||||2-inch Gordo Risers|
Installation How-To's

DIY 101: Gordo Risers

A good number of Biltwell customers are self-made shop junkies and garage-based home builders who believe (like we do) that customizing and maintaining motorcycles is just as fun as riding them. ...