American Supercamp

Minibike Mayhem With Biltwell at American Supercamp

Supercamp instructors soak the track with a fire hose during several sessions to keep students on their toes. Last year our friends at Hot Bike magazine invited us to crawl out of our normal wor...
Going Flat Out at Born Free’s Stampede

Going Flat Out at Born Free’s Stampede

 The Stampede flat track races were a fantastic addition to the Born Free Show this year. Held Thursday night before the biggest chopper show in the country, the Costa Mesa Speedway opened it’s ga...
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Born Free 9

Born Free 9. What can you say? These guys keep turning it up! This year the addition of Thursday night flat track races and Invited Builders reveal at Costa Mesa Speedway was the biggest change fr...
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Why Motorcycle Racing is So Fun, Even if You Suck at it.

Generally, doing things you suck at is a bummer. As long as you don’t suck so bad that you get hurt or hurt other people, racing motorcycles is a blast. With events like hooligan racing, Hell o...