The People's Champ
Born Free

The People's Champ

The Biltwell People’s Champ looks like a rowdy good time at Cook’s Corner the night before Born Free, and of course it is. It’s also a stressful nightmare for the builders who get chosen to parti...
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Show Class People's Champ 2018

We already did a post earlier that highlighted all the bikes that packed the parking lot at Cook's Corner the night before Born Free Show 2018 for the Show Class Magazine People's Champ 2018. The b...
Photo Gallery: Cook's Corner
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Photo Gallery: Cook's Corner

Every year we host a party at Cook's Corner with the guys from Show Class Magazine for their People's Champ party the night before Born Free. Of course the half-dozen final contender bikes are gorg...
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Invited Builder Bikes of Born Free 10

No surprise here, the Born Free 10 was a mind-blowing collection of wildly hand-crafted custom motorcycles from all over the planet. Much respect to the dudes who put the show on and the builders w...

Frijole 833 NORRA Mexican 1000 Project Update: Test Day 3

The good news: The suspension is now dialed. The Frijole 883 Sportster just keeps getting better. Last week we tested with new fork guts, lower gearing and a different GPS system. The good ...
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69 Awesome Chopper Photos to Help You Fight Cabin Fever

Winter means “stuck indoors” for lots of riders all around the world. For many, it’s the time they get to redo their machine or build a new one without the distraction of sunny days and dry roads. ...
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Tons of Sissy Bar Ideas

Supposedly a “sissy bar” was originally a handle put on the back fender or rear of a motorcycle’s frame to give people a place to grab onto so they could help a racer through a difficult section on...
Christian Newman - Born Free Show
Biltwell Handlebars

Show Class People's Champ at Cook's Corner

Show Class Magazine's People's Champ 5 Every year on the Friday night before Born Free, six finalists in Show Class Magazine's People's Champ competition roll out their freshly-minted, hand-built ...