Bike Check: Ace's 1990 FXR
Ace Saragosa

Bike Check: Ace's 1990 FXR

We love us some FXR's around here! We met local rider Ace back in January at our annual parking lot sale and instantly fell in love with his bike. These machines are so rideable and contemporary-l...
Photo Gallery: Cook's Corner
Artsy Stuff

Photo Gallery: Cook's Corner

Every year we host a party at Cook's Corner with the guys from Show Class Magazine for their People's Champ party the night before Born Free. Of course the half-dozen final contender bikes are gorg...
Bill's 1941 Harley Davidson Flat Tracker
1941 Harley Davidson

Bill's 1941 Harley Davidson Flat Tracker

I’m not very good flat track racing, but it sure is fun. After a couple years of battling other hapless amateurs and a few fast guys on my venerable TT500, I wanted to give the whole tank shift th...
Back to basics

Back to Basics: Harley-Davidson Sportster Maintenance

It's my humble and totally unsubstantiated opinion that Harley riders started slacking on doing their own work around 1984 1/2 when the last of the kickstart bikes rolled off the Milwaukee assemb...
Mushman||Norman Pegs|Mushman|Norman Pegs|Norman Pegs|Rocker Peg|Rocker Peg|Sanderson Peg|Sanderson Peg|Biltwell Pegs
biltwell pegs

Biltwell Foot Pegs: Tech, Tips and Pics for Better Customizing

In the greasy realm of DIY customizing, changing foot pegs ranks high among easy tweaks that are fun to do and that add personal style and performance to your motorcycle. Among the myriad compani...

Frijole 833 NORRA Mexican 1000 Project Update: Test Day 3

The good news: The suspension is now dialed. The Frijole 883 Sportster just keeps getting better. Last week we tested with new fork guts, lower gearing and a different GPS system. The good ...

Frijole 833 NORRA Mexican 1000 Project Update: Test Day 1

Somebody's got to do it. Thankfully we have Otto, who wasn't afraid to be the first to crash the bike. I think we all had this insidious doubt in the back of our brain-housing groups that whisp...
Artsy Stuff

Tons of Sissy Bar Ideas

Supposedly a “sissy bar” was originally a handle put on the back fender or rear of a motorcycle’s frame to give people a place to grab onto so they could help a racer through a difficult section on...
Bike Features

So, we're gonna race a Harley-Davidson Sportster at the NORRA Mexican 1000

On the spectrum of bad ideas, attempting to race a 500lb Harley-Davidson Sportster over 1000 miles of rugged terrain in a foreign country is right up there with moving in with the girl you just m...