TECH TALK: Organizing your on-the-road tool kit

TECH TALK: Organizing your on-the-road tool kit

If you ride a motorcycle, you need a tool kit on it. If it’s an older bike, you need one. It doesn’t have to have everything required to rebuild a transmission. A daily carry tool kit should be foc...

The EXFIL-80 Sissy Bar Bag

Packing my kit for a multi-day motorcycle trip is a ritual I always look forward to. I'm always trying to split the difference between going without and bringing too much. We've experimented over...

Biltwell + MotoStuka Tool Roll

We've been quietly working with our friend Rob at MotoStuka on this neat little tool roll called the Exfil-0. (It won't hold a single beer, so our usual measuring device using beer cans didn't ...