Limited Release of DOT Lane Splitter Helmets



We’ve been working on this all-new Lane Splitter helmet for about two years, and we’re glad to say it’s just about ready to launch. We’re still chipping away at the red tape required to get ECE certification in Europe, but in the meantime we’ve got a small batch of helmets that meet DOT standards for the USA. These lids are in stock and will be ready to order in our online store Wednesday 7-27 at 10:00AM PST. This batch is only available in three unique colors; Blood Red, Hi-Vis Yellow and Flat Titanium. Later in the year we’ll have the full line in eight colors, and they will be ECE certified.


















  • Ellis


  • K D

    Where’s the white ones?!!

  • Pwb666

    Lots of good stuff left out! Haha, What kind of chin strap system? Vents? Removable lining? Tinted visor? Cool lid though!

    • D-rings with a snap to keep the end from flapping. Liner is removable. Vents front, side, rear. Multiple replacement visors later in the year.

  • Ed

    I have a couple questions since I will be waiting til later in the year for the color I want. First, will there be different color shields for the helmets? Also, have you considered getting a transitional/photochromatic shield for it? You’d be the only guys in the industry with this style of helmet to do it! Either way, I am interested in getting one.

    • Ed, we will have a bunch of replacement shields in a variety of colors. We’ve yet to see a transition shield, but agree that would be super nice!

      • Ed

        Bell makes one for their helmets. I have one on my RS-1. The only reason I have not gone to the lane splitter style of helmet is because no one makes a transition shield for it. Having the shield go from tint to clear is awesome. Something to look into.

        • Makes sense Ed, thanks for the info.

          • Aaron

            Sign me up for this helmet with transition shield. That’s why I went with my gringo and not the gringo s – ease of shield change. If I had a helmet that transitioned, I’d have a flip shield helmet. I realize it’d cost more but I’m 100% ok with that. I 2nd the transitional shield.

  • Yes! Finally. I love this. Can’t wait for an all black one. Hoping you’ll have options on visors!!!

    • Paul, we will have a full range of optional visors.

  • Dirk

    Won’t be available to fit my giant nugget, I’m sure.

  • Jake

    do y’all know when “later in the year” is? But very cool!

    • Ha. Whenever we promise dates, it’s a problem so we’re keeping this answer vague. Believe me, we want them in stock too!

  • ernie najar

    if they will be as light and comfortable as my Gringo S I will be getting one no doubt

  • JB

    These look great but I’m unsure what size to order? I have a bell custom 500 in xl and a bell bullitt in xl, any idea if these are sized similar?

  • John

    How many shell sizes were used

  • Bob

    How do these fit/wear compared to the gringo?

    • Sizing is the same. If you wear a L in a Gringo or Gringo S, you’ll be a L in the Lane Splitter. The skirt/opening is slightly tighter, more like a sport bike helmet, so you may have to spread it slightly to get it on, but once it’s on, the crown and interior fit the same.

  • Todd Schumlick


  • CanadaJack

    Hey Bill,any place in Alberta, Canada that sells your helmets?

  • Wellbuilt Biltwell

    What is the shell shape? Neutral, round, intermediate or long oval? Thanks!

    • These terms are a little vague since they vary from company to company but we consider it an intermediate oval/neutral. Definitely not round or long oval.

  • James

    Are you planning to get ECE approval on your other helmets?

    • We are working on ECE for Gringo and Gringo S. It is a very slow process.

  • Will G

    Is anybody going to comment about the fact that this helmet looks like a rip-off of a Simpson??? Biltwell, I love your products, you make some really great things but, you are way better then this. There is not a person around that if they saw the two helmets side by side would not say that at the minimum this helmet was very heavily influenced by a design Simpson has been using for 25+ years. Be original… that’s what this industry is about.

    • Will, thanks for the input. Simpson makes nice stuff. I think if you wore both on the road and then looked at them side by side you might change your mind. Our details are substantially different, and of course we think, better.

      • Will G

        Hey Bill, why not address in your marketing in sales? the OBVIOUS reason people are going to buy this helmet is because it looks COOL. It looks cool because it is an off shoot of a Simpson design. I am sure you guys created an awesome product with “details” that are substantially different and most likely better. At the end of the day this trend in the aftermarket industry of slightly modifying other companies design to offer a “New” product is getting old. All I am saying is Biltwell is better then this… Thanks for the reply… Still a fan of what you guys do.

    • Ccockrum

      If ya ain’t got nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.

      Maybe some don’t want or can’t afford to drop 500+ on a helmet. Biltwell has given an option, it’s called free market.

      PS: nothing is original.

  • Ianianian

    WTH? It is saying it wont ship to Canada?

    • We tried to reply to your email and it came back as “undeliverable”. Please email and we will get you sorted. We ship to Canada nearly everyday, so we can help you out on this issue.

  • JB

    Darn, I tried to buy one but the site won’t ship to Canada?!

  • JB

    I tried PayPal originally and it wouldn’t allow for shipping to Canada. But luckily I tried again with logging in and using my credit card and this worked fine! Stoked

  • Don_Cerati

    Does this mean that there will be Hi-Viz colors coming for the likes of Bonanza and the Gringos? 😀

    • Probably not, but you never know. Personally, it’s one of my favorites but I’m not sure everyone else agrees, and it is kind of more suited to a modern-ish helmet design like the LS.

      • Don_Cerati

        I thought so. I’m sure someone has painted a Bonanza or Gringo in Hi-Viz, but I still haven’t seen it. So I don’t think it would be a seller, but hey, I’m allowed to dream, damn it. haha. I know the Gringo comes in Orange. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to paint it. I ride a lot at night and I love my Bonanza. But I’ll def think about this one hard.

  • Spencer

    I noticed some one already asked the question, I wondered the 2 shell sizes cover which helmets sizes (S M L XL) thanks

  • Teflon_PSMC_77Empire

    Will Cycle Gear be stocking these? Is Matte Black one of the colors in the line coming out later?

    • We hope so, and yes Flat Black will be one of the colors for sure.

    • Hopefully on Cycle Gear, and yes Flat Black will be an option later in the year

  • Marissa

    Snell approved?

  • vitor

    hi I can git a gringo XXL … so I suppose same for this?
    was wondering is there going to have graphics for this series…

    look so nice that I couldn’t make up my mind…
    white star wars
    black dartvaders
    titanium also look v power…

    its like the oldies Arai OW I had previously …but more old sch

    • Vitor, our Gringos are available in XXL. These Lane Splitter lids may get some graphics in the future, but for now it’s gonna be solid paint colors.

  • max

    Would love ece on the gringos !

  • JimmyP90

    For some reason I really dig the hi-viz! Never liked anything hi-viz before. Maybe because it’s such an odd pairing of styles? Dunno, but these all look great!

    • Jimmy, I’m with you. I always thought it was dorky, but it’s grown on me and is now one of my favorite colors. It’s nice to be seen in traffic!

  • Albireo

    Any place that sell your product in indonesia ?

  • Trey

    Damn. Those sold out quick. Bummer.

  • Joe

    Will the Hi-viz be available later in the year as well? Great color

  • Sami Pitts

    I have a HJC IS-17 helmet in large, should I be able to wear the Lane Splitter in the same size?

    • Biltwell

      Sami, not sure on HJC sizes, but if you look at the sizing chart at the bottom of this page, it should help you out. Also, they run true to our Gringo helmets, if you try one of those on and find your fit, that will translate to the Lane Splitter as well.

      • Sami Pitts


  • Tim Burke

    How is the venting? Looks like a rear vent on there??

    • Biltwell

      Tim, there’s a lot of venting going on. The chin bar has three vents in front and a small one on each side. There is a chimney vent on the back, and the foam inside is molded with channels to allow air to flow over the top of your head and out that vent. Plus of course, you can always lift the shield to several positions.

  • Chuck Fallaw

    When will there be more of these released?

    • Biltwell

      Before the end of the year, Chuck.

      • Chuck Fallaw

        I wish this was more specific. I have to buy a new full face helmet soon. Trying to wait but may not be able to.

        • Biltwell

          Chuck, I’m bummed we don’t have a more specific answer for you. We are waiting on some final documentation that comes from Europe for the ECE certification. If it was within our control, we could give a realistic date. Since it’s not something we can control, I just don’t have a better answer for you. Believe me, we want ’em too! -Bill

          • Chuck Fallaw

            No worries. I’ll just go ahead and pick up a shark. I’ll probably get one of these too. lol.

  • CJ Rogers

    Any release date or anything? I need a full face helmet for the cold weather up here in Ohio, and would love one of these!

    • Biltwell

      CJ, looking like December.

  • Kanks

    Do you guys have any tinted visors for the lanesplitter? Also, is there a way to preorder the helmet? I definately dont want to miss out on the next batch!!

    Thanks, kanks

  • Jeremy

    Any chance of ever releasing the high-voltage yellow Again. I see you had the red coming out in early 2017. But that yellow is fan fucking tastic.

    • Biltwell

      Jeremy, while that was a personal favorite of mine, we’re replacing that color way with another even better one for 2017. We’ll announce that new one when we actually have them to sell. We might bring the Hi-Vis Yellow back someday, but right now there are no immediate plans to.

  • Rob

    Will the Lane Splitter be available for sale at the Toronto Motorcycle Show at the Canadian National Exhibition in February of 2017?

    • Biltwell

      Doubtful, Rob

  • Rob

    I want to buy one of your helmets asap. I have just recently aquired a Victory Jackpot Premium and am purchasing gear. I would like to give you my business. When will a Lane Splitter be at a retail counter in Toronto Canada?

    • Biltwell

      Rob, rather than disappoint you, I’d rather not promise an exact date. If you’ve got good enough weather to ride and a new bike, don’t let us hold you up. We will let everyone know as soon as they are available. Thanks for your patience.

  • Puna

    I can’t wait for the LaneSplitter! I currently own a Gringo S and is one of the most comfortable helmet’s I’ve ever owned. Will the LaneSplitter be sized the same?

    • Biltwell

      Puna, glad to hear you like your Gringo S! The Lane Splitter is a totally different shell and interior but is sized the same as our Gringo helmets.

  • Marco

    Will you have some on the parkinglot sale this sat on temecula? I need a black one

    • Biltwell

      Marco, we don’t have production ones ready to sell yet. We’ll have a few you can check out but none for sale quite yet.

  • Chris Kusek

    I can’t wait! Eagerly looking to buy two..

  • Cam Clements

    is there an update on the spring 2017 release yet? I would like to pick up one for this year’s riding season.

    • Biltwell

      Looking at April…

      • Cam Clements

        got mine on pre-order, thanks!


    Do the helmets run small or big? i wear a large in Bell’s Qualifier…….

    • Biltwell

      Oscar, not sure in comparison to Bell (those are usually a pretty round fit). We will have a sizing chart up on each helmet page once they are released, so hopefully that’ll help ya.


        will they fit similar to the Gringo?

        • Biltwell

          Yup. Very similar shape, I wear an XL in both. Should be very close depending on your head shape.


            perfect. ill go try a gringo. youre the man

  • Stephen Brooker

    Are these coming to Canada soon? Can’t find any Canadian online retailers who stock them yet

  • Max Harper

    Any goggles fit this thing?

    • Biltwell

      Max, the helmet wasn’t designed to fit goggles so the eye port is a little small. We’ve been wearing some of our Moto goggles with Lane Splitters while riding our NORRA bike. You can see some pics here: They seal OK on the L, XL and XXL size Lane Splitters depending on the face. Bottom line, you can do it but if you want a perfect seal with goggles, look at a conventional motocross helmet or our Gringo or Bonanza.