Lane Splitter Helmet - Gloss Blood Red

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Overview: Progressively styled and rigorously tested, our finest ECE-certified helmet is a top choice for high-performance riders. Europe's stringent ECE R22.05 standard is regarded by test labs and leading helmet makers as the most comprehensive safety standard in the world.

• Injection-molded ABS plastic outer shell is rugged yet lightweight
• Three-piece Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) safety shell dissipates impact loads and fortifies helmet structure without compromising comfort
• Molded urethane chin bar pad features front and side vents for cooling airflow
• CE-certified polycarbonate shield is anti-fog and anti-scratch for safety and durability
• Removable/replaceable comfort liner and cheek pads feature brushed fleece Lycra touch points to absorb and evaporate perspiration
• Chin strap features brushed fleece Lycra touch points for comfort and an adjustable strap end retainer

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5 Star Rating

08/15/2018 08:26am

I ride my ninja with this helmet. Its cool enough to pull of a sportbike without looking like ricer. I also ride my Zero DS with it. Its a cool helmet, somewhere in the cross roads between retro and FU. Dope


Roger Vallve
5 Star Rating

04/30/2018 10:05am

I love the fit, I love the look. It is very comfortable and lightweight. However, I wish the vets could close. I am sure in summer they are great but on coller day, need to close them


Scott J.
5 Star Rating

04/24/2017 07:48pm

I got one of these when I saw the email about the release. I'm not gonna lie, I love Biltwell. I chop, bob, and ride old mid 80's and early 90's metric bikes. My bikes usually get quite a bit of attention cause people are like "what is that?". I have bought bars, grips, helmets, seats, swag etc. from Biltwell. This helmet is super dope. Fits as great as any your products. Construction and quality as I have come to love and count on. I got this helmet today and took it for a spin. This is the first time people asked not about my bike I was on, but my helmet. Great job Biltwell, another home run.


nuno carrilho
5 Star Rating

04/20/2017 07:23am

Just Got one red lane splitter and just have good stuff to say - confortable, silent, nice and fit, nice air flow... Just waiting for the Portuguese dealer to have the Gold Mirror Shield!!!!!! Nice work!!! and Thanks - Its my 4th Biltwell helmet.... until now.... always amazed. :)


Jordan Pay
5 Star Rating

04/18/2017 03:05pm

Love the styling. Great airflow and most of all, comfortable! Love mine.


Ryan Nilsen
5 Star Rating

04/04/2017 04:10pm

How do they keep on doing it? Just when you think the crew at Biltwell has cracked the code on helmets, they pull a stunt like this! I have purchased almost every variation of helmet these good people produce, and the Lane Splitter has become my go to for both the disco dance floor and the rifle range. Whether I'm meeting my pals at a local establishment, or crushing miles en route to the Kernville Kampout, as long as I'm in my Lane Splitter, I'm always the belle of the ball. The sizing is true to form, and marries up nicely with all other Biltwell helmets. This is not Biltwell's first foray into the full-face helmet, and it shows. There is no unwanted pressure anywhere. Despite the lack of head squeeze, the sorcerers on Biltwell's engineering team have produced a helmet that does not slip, shift, slide, or do-si-so. Whether checking your blind spot at high speeds, or nodding to your pal on the scoot next you, the helmet stays put. Like Dad, this helmet is firm but fair. The venting and visor keep the air moving, so you can keep the bike moving. Thanks to Biltwell's patented hurricane turbulator technology, air flows throughout the helmet even at parade speeds. Although the visor deflects bugs best in the closed position, it opens with the flick of a finger to clean your sunglasses at a stale-red light. Speaking of which, sunglasses were clearly taken into consideration when designing the helmet; there's plenty of room in front of your eyes, and no pressure behind the ears. Finally, this DOT and ECE approved helmet was definitely made through the use of some secret Area 51 space technology. It slips on and you forget it's there. In fact, I'm wearing mine right now. The light weight and compact look will make you feel like that Navy SEAL operator about to jump out of a C-130 in the recruitment commercial you saw last night. All kidding aside, by owning a Lane Splitter you are doing your part to fight ISIS; those jerks hate freedom, and owning a Lane Splitter promotes freedom (aka motorbike riding).


Ashmore Ellis
5 Star Rating

04/04/2017 11:28am

One of the most comfortable helmets I've ever ridden in especially when used riding long distances in less than ideal weather situations. Fit - Once I went full face I can't imagine going back to anything less (personal preference). I wore this helmet in NY for the first time. From rush hour where I need vision more than anything, to the Catskills where its 90+ and humid, this helmet made me feel more protected, offered an incredible scope of vision, and allowed maximum air flow. What stood out the most was the curve of the mouth / chin section. When going above your average mph, the helmet didn't press back and put pressure on my face which reduced fatigue and added more comfort on the freeway. It seemed to "split" the air a bit better. Features & Interior - The flip visor is nice to have when stuck in traffic when it's illegal to cut through or waiting for the "turtle" in the group to refuel. Its incredible how a flip of the lid can bring a wave a coolness into your helmet and lessen your irritation when stagnant. The visor also has an easy to grip tab on the side so I can lift in with one finger to get some additional air yet it stays in place when riding at all speeds (plenty of room if you wear sunglasses or rx). Venting at the top of the helmet and mouth section helps circulate air flow which made it a hell of a lot cooler in motion. Style - I personally love the style. It's not a bulky DOT helmet so I don't look like a massive head on a body. It's got a great proportion to it and a fit that can't be matched for the price.


Earl Cardigan
5 Star Rating

04/04/2017 10:39am

Best Biltwell helmet yet! I have bought every Biltwell they make and the Lane Splitter is by far my favorite. Everything from the comfort to the bad ass styling. I wouldn't change one thing about this awesome lid!