Still Kicking....

Still Kicking....

October 01, 2010

Was gonna write something uber-funny and witty about my good friend Wompy but when I asked him for his bio, he beat me to the punch. (Nick-named Wompy after his initials, Juan P. Munoz...)  All I know about the guy is he's always quick to lend a hand when it comes to fabbing a new part or bracket, his follow through and turn-around time will make yer head spin and his KZ always amazes me because of Wompy's ability to make a part that performs a complex operation look so clean and simple.  And that is the sign of a true ruler. Read on for the low-down on this lighter-shade-of-brown tool maker and guy that knows what the little marks mean on the micrometer....
 Born in Costa Rica, came to Santa Ana, Ca when I was 3 years old. As a kid I always loved putting together lowrider and bmx bikes. I always had at least 3 built bikes and shit tons of parts in the garage and always hustling work (changing tubes, bearings, chains, fiberglassing, bending forks). I got into VWs and hotrods in high school but always wanted a moto after I saw this dude get a panhead from his dad for graduation.. Two years after HS my gf had a baby so I went to machinist apprenticeship school and I've been working as a toolmaker ever since. Fuck production I'm talking tool & die, prototype work, jig & fixture building, high precision shit that'll make you lose your hair.
   Shit...years go by, 3 kids, house, dog, honey do list, and still no moto until one day I say enough's enough. I do some research looking for an aircooled kick start quality motor to start off with and I find a what I now see is a bike that crosses all boundaries: Short fast chop, big brakes, good on the twisties, subtle touches but entirely custom. I call it OCD-KZ650
  About my parts I make: My brain comes on at the weirdest times and I'm always looking to make chopper parts from the weirdest things. I call it "repurposing for a greater good".  It's a balance between nostalgia, function, cost and style.  Passion, determination, and confidence drive me to make shit work, either by frankensteining something together or by starting fresh with a solid piece of aluminum. Quit you're bitching & just fucking do it is my motto.
  I don't claim to know everything, but the key is when in doubt, pull out and ask someone who may know. Questions are good but for God's sake chop cultists do your research. I quote Fab Kevin, "If chopping were easy, everyone would be doing it."
Amen, brother, amen