Slab City 3 Update

Slab City 3 Update

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OK, anyone who's been to any of our events knows we pride ourselves on not taking any of it too seriously. In fact, I'd say we celebrate the lack of organization. Don't get me wrong, we do a lot of pre-planning and sweat a lot of details, but we don't have road captains or a bunch of rules and whatnot. Generally we don't even have much of a schedule and just kind of let things unfold as we go along.

This time for Slab City however, since we're going out Friday night and will have a lot more time in the desert than previous years, we thought we'd spice it up with some Grass Games. Well, there's no grass (lawn type that is) so these will be dirt games. Each game is put on by a particular sponsor and the winner of each event will go away something special from them, plus some additional kit from us.

Kit and Allen, better known as the Wuss Bros. Inc., have done a fine job of pre-running their route and will be leading a group of riders out of Temecula through Hemet and down into Palm Springs, around the northern end of the Salton Sea and into Slab City. Highway 74 out of Hemet is one of the best roads in So Cal in my opinion. If you don't know the route or just wanna have fun, this is a great way to get to the Slabs, and these are some good dudes to tag along with.

Here's the proposed schedule for everything. We will have a few of these printed up and distributed around the slabs, so you'll know what's going on.

Friday Nov. 4th 

10:30 AM Meet at The Swing Inn, Temecula, for start of Wuss Ride

Ride all day

7:00 PM Movies start on the "Range" stage

We will start at 7:00 and play a variety of old biker movies, plus we should have the premier of the El Diablo Run DVD that we've been working on since May. (More on that later...)

(Fiesta Catering will be selling Mexican food. Bring your own beer.)

Saturday Nov. 5th

(Fiesta Catering will be selling food all day/evening.)

10:00 AM  Leave Slab City to ride around the Salton Sea

2:00 Return from ride

3:00 Slow Race - Sponsored by Slowbrow Customs

3:30 Barrel Race - Sponsored by Zombie Performance

4:30 Chug-a-Lug Contest - Sponsored by Beer Booters (beer and boot glass provided)

5:00 Sign in for Coctagon with McGoo. (Bats cost $10.00 / 100% payback to fighters. If 24 people sign up, Biltwell will match the $260 for a grand prize of $500 to the last man standing.

5:30 Coctagon starts!

6:00 Bike Award announcements by Kickstart Cycles

6:15 Shelby Cobra

7:00 Arm Wrestling in front of the stage - Sponsored by Star Leather

7:30 In The Red

8:30 The Hitchhikers

10:00 Archons

Sunday Nov 6th:

(Fiesta Catering will be selling food and coffee first thing in the AM.)

Ride home filled with shame and remorse.

Rules of the Coctagon: 

1. No dead blows, Wiffle Ball™ bat swings only
2. No other weapons
3. No punching
4. Drop your bat and you are out
5. Step out of the circle, you are out
6. Must wear helmet

There is only one winner, no second place, cash handed out immediately.

What to bring?

A lot of people have asked what they can bring to help out. Two words: BOOZE & FIREWOOD. We will have a central fire pit that will rage all night, so bring as much wood as you can if you have a truck or van following your crew. Bring plenty of booze, it won't be sold on site. We'll probably have some to give away but it always runs out, so come prepared!