Introducing the Lobo Negro FXR Project

fxr_apart lobo-negro-fxr-1 After years of listening to Bill and Otto sing the praises of their trusty FXR’s, Ellis is ready to drink the punch. His goal is a fast and comfortable machine perfectly suited for long two-up trips and twisty-road missions. The build process is a bit different than bikes he’s previously built – requiring a little more shopping and little less chopping. Ellis does plan on hand-making the tank strap, fiberglass side covers, bag mounts, sissy bar and other bits though, so don’t think it’s all bolt-ons. lobo-negro-fxr-6 There was one logical choice for the heart of this beast – the S&S Cycle V111. At well over 110 horsepower it’s got plenty of grunt and the square bore contributes to it’s rideablity. A Baker OD 6-speed trans and Street Performance clutch will get that power reliably to the rear wheel. Gigacycle Garage machined up a custom pair of trees to adapt a set of XR1200 take-off legs and big ass PM 6-piston calipers. Legend Suspension Revo shocks, RSD Morris Mag wheels and Pirelli Night Dragon tires round out the performance-oriented package. Biltwell bits include our 8” Murdock Pullback risers, Tracker bars, Utility mirrors, Whiskey Throttle and a mix of Mushman and Norman pegs. lobo-negro-fxr-2 After riding to the El Diablo Run twice on a rigid sporty chopper and once on a Dyna, Mike is looking forward to ripping on the Lobo Negro FXR for 2017. After a couple days of assembly with our friend Rob Rouser, the machine is already taking shape. Stay tuned and we’ll have build updates, videos, etc. lobo-negro-fxr-3 lobo-negro-fxr-5 lobo-negro-fxr-4 Special thanks to: S&S Cycle Drag Specialties Bassani Exhaust Baker Drivetrain Gigacycle Garage Pirelli Legend Suspension HHI Custom Dynamics Dakota Digital Russ Wernimont Designs Arlen Ness Terry Components