Biltwell x Unknown

Biltwell x Unknown

September 23, 2014

A couple weeks ago we had a chance to hang out with Buddy and Nick from Unknown Industries. They're not very "unknown" these days – you've probably seen them ripping in person at events all over the country or at least on the internets. We fit some of our parts to their trusty FXR's and then kicked back and watched them session our parking lot and a little cul-de-sac down the street.

Best photo of our Murdock risers in action. Ever.
Watching their bike handling skills in person makes it really obvious how much control these guys have. What makes it even neater to me is that they are doing in on nearly stock bikes. These are real motorcycles that you could take a trip on. Nick's is a stock 80" Evo FXR with a Mikuni, Thunderheader, and a chain conversion. OK, Buddy's FXR has a twin cam crammed in there, but he can do this on a totally stock bike too. Once to make a few internet naysayers eat their words, the crew rented a few stock Harleys and rode 'em all over doing 12 o'clock wheelies and all the usual stunts. I think it cost 'em a taillight or two, but proved the point – these guys have serious skills.
Our buddy Geoff shot some great photos of their afternoon in Temecula, and Flynn put together a tidy clip for our YouTube and Vimeo pages. Hope you dig it as much as we did!
Nick Leonetti
Buddy Suttle