Instagram: @tony_medellintattoo

Location: Reno, Nevada

Bike Year / Motor: 1940 / Harley Davidson knucklehead

What have you done? Everything is sitting in a bull neck frame that I still have to mold. Lowbrow split tanks with mounts changed to better fit the motor. Narrowed sidecar fender for the rear. All metal engraving is done by me as well as I’ll be painting the bike myself. I Used a Paughco parts kit to build my exhaust and found some trumpets Iv been hoarding. Lots of little things will create the big picture.

What do you have left to do? Still have a lot of new tricks to throw in as well as get the primary engraved and chrome plated. I have a lot of body work I’m excited to start. The springer is oem and will need a full resto. New legs and engraved chevrons before I chrome plate. I have a custom dash that I still need to fit to the tanks with fender guitar lights as my service lights. I could ramble all day on what’s left but for now these are just the basics.

Any problems so far? None….which means I’m gonna have plenty if I make it to top 6

Favorite part of the bike so far? Gotta be the direction and stance. Definitely sits exactly how I want it too and can’t wait to get this thing chromed out and painted.

Favorite part of the competition? The fellow garage builders and seeing what they can accomplish at home with some brews and buddies.

Want to give any shout outs? Huge shout out to Paughco parts for donating the pieces I need to do the job. I’m lucky enough to have them in my back yard and stoked to show them what I produce. Lowbrow customs for lacing us up with the parts we needed, my boy Cody for helping me get the sheet metal right and being a second set of eyes to make sure my vision doesn’t get lost in the sauce.