Instagram: @_dereksavage

Location: Haverhill, Massachusetts

Bike Year / Motor: 1939 / Knucklehead

What have you done? Made exhaust pipes, handlebar riser, matching fishscale oil tank, foot pegs and shifter, scalloped gas tank, sissy bar, modified fender with pointed/flipped devils tail thing

What do you have left to do? paint and chrome, clean up the engine and put the bike back together

Any problems so far? any of the sheet metal work i did was definitely troublesome! and trying to keep the ball rolling so i had something to update with every week

Favorite part of the bike so far? the oil tank

Favorite part of the competition? watching everyone do their thing, it’s adds a lot of fuel to my fire to get in the garage and do something when i’m seeing all of the cool stuff everyone puts out every week

Want to give any shout outs? all of my family and friends, and anyone who has shared, reposted etc. any of my stuff during this.