What to do in T-Town?

What to do in T-Town?

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So you are riding out for the BASH and wonder what the hell you are going to do for two days. Well, if you aren't working on your bike all day or content to drown worms or drink in the sunshine, I'd suggest riding your bike. A leisurely day-trip in one of several directions can easily land you at the beach, mountains or desert with plenty of time to goof off and get back to camp in time to enjoy some drinks and whatnot. McGoo mapped out a few of these rides a while back and he's going to put them up again in the next day or so. Or, go old school and get a damn map, pick a couple twisty lines and go ride them. There is no shortage of two-lane roads directly out of camp that seem built for hammering on two wheels.

If you just want to stay local and take it easy, you can go down to Old Town Temecula in about 15 minutes, park and cruise around. There are a more than a couple places for food and drink. Some of them quite good. It's mostly a quiet little town built for antique-shopping grannies, but there is fun to be had if you look hard enough. There is every strip mall type eatery you could list. Below is a list of a few recommendations that are a little less typical.

Food & Drink:
Campini's Italian Deli Doesn't look like much, but it's solid for affordable sandwiches and patsas.
Hard Hats Just north of down town. Least-dressed waitresses in town, it's a good bar with average food
The Pub House Seriously high end food, good beer, nice big patio in back with fire pits, good folks, just don't look for PBR and hot dogs
The Swing Inn South end of town, hearty breakfast, my personal favorite place in old town
Texas Lil's Good food, drink, smoking patio and hottest talent
Bank of Mexican Food Good Mexican, reasonable prices for sit down chow, good shaded patio

Need something for your bike?
Temecula Motorcycle Service This is our "go-to" shop, go here first and bug Jeff, tell him Chris sent you
Quaid HD If you just gotta have something from a dealer
Cycle Gear For generic mc parts or a quick tire change these guys are cool
Temecula Motorsports More dirt oriented, but still might have something you need

Hope that helps! See you guys in a couple days.