The Liberator Show, Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands

The Liberator Show, Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands

March 25, 2008

Here's a report on the Liberator Show from our good friend and faithful Biltwell distributor Paul DeJong of Paul's Boutique in Holland:

This annual show was covered by Black ribbons cause the original founders of the Liberator club died
two days before. Henk van Hout will be missed, his daughter died two years ago and they both were the
party animals at the show so it was kinda slow this year.

Saturday I showed up with my XL1000 and found out that I will rebuild the bike on Monday, I don't like
the look right now so my forks are at the MX dealer (its a KTM MX fork) and I'm changing the handlebars
to some Universal MX bars. Don't know about the tank yet but I guess I won't go by the Frisco style this time.
The weather was nice and some cool bikes showed up, the best one was a Liberator in late 30's racing
style, it was gone before I could find my camera. Second best was a panhead with Swedish style covers
and super-nice setup with a Firestone original rear tire, no front brakes, no hand controls, etc.
Also a Diesel home project attended the show and a handfull of pans, shovels and liberators.

Old Mill Choppers had their first show with a nice booth filled with Biltwell stuff and two nice bikes. Piet
and Ronny really liked the Biltwell stuff and so did the customers, we sold some stuff and more will be sold at their shop in Overloon. Check their stuff at Old Mill Choppers.