March 19, 2010

We really can't complain about the weather here at the southwestern tip of Riverside County. It's about the best riding weather year 'round you can ask for. But even here, spring is a welcome sight. We got dumped with rain this year by our standards, which leaves us with a bright green landscape to ride through right now. Wildflowers are going nuts, glasses are getting packed with bugs already but it'll only last a few weeks. Pretty soon it'll be brown again and as summer marches on it'll get stupid hot for a little while. So this is the primo time to get some riding in, even if it just taking the long way home from work.

This change in the weather has got me itching for a bigger ride in a bad way. We've got plenty of riding to do this year, some to events and some just for fun, but I'm looking for any excuse to get out on the highway for as long as possible and go somewhere, especially if it's somewhere new. The FXR is ready to go, and it's gonna get wrung out this year. We're planning on riding to the Twine Ball Run in Kansas, up to Copperopolis, CA for the DTMC party and a whole slew of local stuff (more on that later). Not to mention the always epic Gypsy Run 4, but time's not going to allow a cross-country ride for that one this year. We're going to fly out and borrow or rent bikes, but we're not going to miss it and our friends out there for the world. Coming up next month is a brand new run in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the Revenge Run. Tim and the boys putting this on are seriously on point and it looks like it's gonna be one to remember. Mexico is calling, and the 500 should be a blast. In fact I'm going down in the morning to check on the road conditions since the dirt road to the beach was so swamped and muddy last month that we couldn't even make it all the way. I'll report back on what I find on Monday. Either way, we're going in June, it'll just be difficult or really difficult. Either way, it'll be an adventure of one sort or another. We are also working the logistics for a second lap on the Slab City Riot, so don't make any plans for the first weekend of November...

Get that bedroll ready and that bike prepped, there's some trippin' to do, no matter where you are or what you've got to ride.