Sneaky Peaky

Sneaky Peaky

Here's a couple more cast Stainless things we've been cooking on. Not available yet, but they should be around the summer.

Cast SS Ripple ignition covers. Two and Five hole comin' up.

Sanderson Pegs. See the bolt? That fits into a cast 4130 Chromoly male clevis so the peg can be rotated into any position. This allows you to run this vintage-style peg on a later model bike that uses a male clevis. These are investment cast stainless steel which is so much stronger and more elegant than the old pot metal jobbers.

Last, the Trio riser clamp. It bolts to our existing risers bases and will be sold separately or as a three-piece assembly. Keep them apes from twisting around, son! If you flip it around the other way the logo faces down enough that you can't see it if you wanna go low key.

Now, every time we go and post early prototypes like this it takes forever for us to actually have stuff in stock, so don't get your hopes up on seeing this stuff any time soon, I just wanted to show we were up to some stuff. We've got all kinds of other nifty shit in the works so stand by.