Slab City Riot 2

Slab City Riot 2

July 19, 2010

We are grinding away at the logistics on this thing daily. Huge thanks to all the sponsors who have chipped in. There are more to come, just waiting on a few logos and such to show up.

You might notice we have an official beer sponsor on the flier now. Thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon for kicking down the frosty cold adult beverages for your enjoyment!

Want to see some backstory on the land that time forgot? VBS has a couple of great edits about the Salton Sea that are worth checking out. It's really quite a bummer what a dump the place has turned into. Except that it makes for a rad place to host a chopper event!

We'll have more news to announce later in the week, but for now just know this: It's on and it's going to be a barn burner.