SCR2 Sponsor, No School Choppers

SCR2 Sponsor, No School Choppers

October 05, 2010

Seems like the sponsors of SCR2 have been doing a pretty good job of describing their operations, so I'm gonna stay outta the fray and stick with whats been workin'...

Jason of No School Choppers explains the how and why of his biz:

"What up my name is Jason Craver I am the owner/operator of No School Choppers. My story is this; I wanted to make better parts at better prices...period. I was a broke ass skateboarder/ chop builder with pretty good fabricating skills and a good business savvy but couldn't afford anything on the markets at the time to build my chop. So I set forth on my quest to start a parts company with an emphasis on custom and limited production tail lights. I wanted to transition my love for
old school hot rods, chops and skate into something unique and interject some style back into the cycling industry. Thus No School Choppers was born. Styles reminiscent of the Old school chops with new style engineering. Its not old school its not new school it's No School! I started right as the movement was changing to a better more core cycling scene and Id like to think I helped change the scene a little.. but I probably didn't. We've come a long way in 4 years, I've added Lenny Dix (Master welder and fabricator) to my 1 man army and the parts line up continues to grow with our handlebars, frames, wheels and other one off style parts! 2011 is going to be a stellar year we are trying to line up some really cool core shops to carry our stuff (dealer inquiries welcome...wink.wink.). We will be hitting up as many shows as possible and sponsoring as many skate and chop events as we can. Look for No School's new 2011 line up of parts and top secret collaborations and limited edition parts as well. We are also branching out to bike building because every time we build a bike for ourselves some one throws cash in our face so maybe there's something

Well put, J-Rocc. And the blog soundtrack is spot, on too! Go here:
and here for some more examples of what these guys are about:
Slab City Riot 2 is the place to be...In case you've been under a rock in Afghanistan: