Paul's (Chopper) Boutique

Paul's (Chopper) Boutique

January 23, 2008

European and jet-setting international BMXers have been shopping at Paul's Boutique in Holland for years. If you're a hard-core motocross, BMX or freestyle fan, Paul DeJong's well-stocked shop in Aarle-Rixtel is a must-see destination. And now, our friend Paul is jumping into the chopper scene. Paul's always been a motorcycle guy, so it was just a matter of time until our good friend and official leader of the Hardcore Drinking Team became a BIltwell wholesaler and retailer! Paul's first shipment of Biltwell parts, helmets and accessories is due to arrive at his store in mid-February. If you love choppers and you live in the Benelux, give Paul DeJong a call. Click here for more information.

Paul's been plugging away on his Ironhead for months. The big yearly chopper hoedown in Holland is an event called the Liberator, and Paul swears he and his mechanic Philip DeJong will have the XL sorted out in no time.

Don't let the license plate fool you--Paul's bike is far from legal. When you own and operate the most famous bike shop in Holland, you can get away with murder.