Otto’s Evolution Chopper

Otto’s Evolution Chopper

June 16, 2020

A “Practical Chopper” is kinda like saying “Jumbo Shrimp”. But if such a beast existed, this would be it.
When Otto started planning this bike last year, he had a very defined idea in his head that was something like: “Keep all the shit that makes choppers fun to ride, but make it as bulletproof and reliable as possible.” An 80” S&S Evo motor is as good as it gets for reliability and power. Stuff one of those in a hand-made chromoly frame from Spartan George and it’s pretty hard to go wrong. 
Things like the split tanks and disc brakes all around are not the standard style of the moment as far as vintage-y choppers go, but added fuel capacity and the ability to actually stop never goes out of style. The rest is just as simple as it can be; no frills wiring with sealed circuit breakers, a kick shift 4-speed and ergonomics that fit Otto’s lanky build.
"This is my chopper built by Rob Rouser. All I did was shout directions and chase parts. It’s powered by an S&S Cycle EVO motor built by Rico Fodrey. Paint by Pete ‘HotDog’ Finlan, seat by Duane Ballard, frame built by Spartan George, gas and oil tanks built by Wargasser Nick. Bill Bryant built a couple things like the sissy bar and did some finish welding on controls and whatnots.
Parts from some of the best in the industry: FabKevin, Indian Larry Motorcycles, Cycle Electric, Metzelermotousa and Biltwell Inc. Most of these parts we ordered from Drag Specialties.
The plan is to ferry this bike from Seattle to Whittier, Alaska and up to the Arctic Circle with the Biltwell crew and some friends then back home through Canada, COVID permitting. 
I’d like to thanks Pedro’s Tacos in Fallbrook and Pete’s Coffee (French roast) for motivation and inspiration" — Otto
Just ‘cause it was supposed to be simple doesn’t mean Rouser didn’t pay attention to details, this bike has plenty. Check the little wire routing deals that help wires run through the frame without chaffing, or the mid control set up on the left side. The oil tank bottom mount is neat and so is the way the voltage regulator and Anti-Gravity battery are mounted together out in front. 
This may seem like the least practical bike a person could ride to Prudhoe Bay, but out of our mix of stupid motorcycles on Operation Numbnuts, it’s probably one of the smarter choices.

Biltwell parts used on this bike:

Tyson XL Bars Photo
Tyson XL Bars
Exhaust Pipe Kit PhotoExhaust Pipe Kit Whiskey Throttle PhotoWhiskey Throttle
Kung Fu Grips PhotoKung Fu Grips Clamp On Mirror PhotoUtility Mirror
Norman Foot Pegs PhotoNorman Pegs