Online Store is Running and we are Shipping Daily!

Online Store is Running and we are Shipping Daily!

March 25, 2020


I’ve been self employed since 1993. Some people like to say its a marathon, not a sprint. I think it’s more like an obstacle course. Mud run maybe. When the governor of CA announced the Stay Home order last Thursday we acted quickly and without panic. The whole 20 person Biltwell crew, whether they could work at home or not got paid in full for the next 30 days in advance while we closed up what remained of the shop on Friday. 

Online orders still poured in even though we told customers every way we could that we could not ship immediately. Then Sunday night it hit me, what if I shipped ‘em myself, with no one else there? Duh. I used to do it, but was replaced long ago by guys who are way better. UPS is still picking up, so I started packing those orders myself on Monday and I push a pallet or two out every afternoon and let Jeff load his own truck. (I owe you one dude.) Now we’ve improved the system by having the orders processed remotely by Gary our Warehouse Manager and all I have to do is pick, pack and ship. We will reassess every day and adjust accordingly. 

We all very much believe in social distancing and flattening the curve, and don’t see much risk in this. I think it’s way better than pretending it doesn’t exist or that we can’t make a difference through our own personal actions. So, your order might take an extra day or two, but it’s on the way and we appreciate the business! 


Update 3-31-20:

Most of us are working from home, but we’ve now got a solid two-man team crushing your online orders in our Temecula, CA warehouse. With safe distancing practices and constant attention to hygiene, we are continuing to get your orders out the door while keeping our employees safe.