Only One Love

Only One Love

September 22, 2011

I was lucky enough to meet Tom Fugle out at the Brooklyn Invitational. Super nice guy who was happy to tell me a few stories that are still making me smile. David Mann painted Tom with his wife and Pan above. Not sure what year this was. When he asked me why I thought the painting said "only one love" I blanked!?! He said "Son, that painting is of me, my panhead and my wife. That panhead is here at this show, and the one love surely was not my wife!"  Classic. Very nice to meet you!

Tom transfers the Mann art onto rocks. When I asked if these were special rocks he said "If by special you mean rocks I find in my yard. then yes, they are special.
Tom said that over the years David Mann painted him in about 12 of his painting.

Tom signing MY ROCK! If you told me ten years ago that I was gonna fly to New York to buy a big white rock from a biker I would have thought something completely different!