April 03, 2011

Beer Breed Atom put on a great one-night stand this weekend. Ellis and I met the crew in Julian. I've been wanting to ride the Sunshine Highway to the 8 for a long time now and this route included that section. Super fun, plenty o' curves but pretty fast, not super tight stuff. The last 11 or so miles to the campground was dirt road. I don't know why always end up on dirt roads, but I love riding 'em. Only one injury-free lowside crash on the way in. I think DD wanted to take the turn signals off that shiny new 48 anyway, but I doubt he planned to do it this way. The camp site was cool, zero hassles, plenty of food, even more beer. Atom not only supplied the grub but also had a big grip of firewood. We woke up a little foggy and banged home in about two hours. Thanks Atom, perfectly executed dude!

I tried to shoot everybody while we were riding, but as usual ended up with a bunch of photos of my elbow. If you went on the ride, check this set of Flickr, I may have a decent shot of ya.

 Black Rob, your CB is now fully shaken down and ready for pick up.