Moto Gloves are in...

Moto Gloves are in...

May 15, 2008

This new product enters the realm of stickers and t-shirts. What we mean by that is this: we didn't buy enough of them to make it a full-time item in our complete product range. Rather than piss off our customers by failing to have enough gloves in stock, we're just selling these through smaller retailers like Unit 1, Four Aces, Lowbrow Customs, and through Lick's Cycle's consumer-direct online store. Why play favorites with these guys? This is more of a promotional and giveaway item than something worth selling for a profit, but we needed to buy enough of them to make the final $24 MSRP reasonable. Our vendor on this comfortable and well-made glove specified 300-pair minimum, and that number seemed tough to reach for a company our size, so we asked Tyler and Wes and Carrie to give us a little bump by placing a pre-order. Wes and Tyler haven't even received their inventory of Moto gloves yet, but they will by next week, so you can start ordering.

The design and construction of Biltwell Moto Gloves is similar to tried-and-true Mechanic's style gloves. There's a synthetic leather palm with no padding, ventilated backs, and some ingenious flex baffles in the first and second finger to make two-finger brake and tool operation a little more comfortable. If you've got sausage fingers like I do, the Lycra gussets in the fingers will give you some much needed stretch. Moto Gloves come in every biker's favorite color, and the logo is tone-on-tone for pure stealth. Four sizes are available: Small through XL (9 through 12). I'm 5' 9" and a svelte 190 lubs with the aforementioned cocktail wiener fingers, and I wear a 10. If you like your gloves tight, order one size smaller--they stretch.

To contact a company that's selling these jewels, click here.