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I Know Chris and McGoo already got on here and thanked everyone for their participation in the BASH last weekend, but I gotta say thanks. I had a great time and talked to a bunch of folks who did too.

I have to apologize for the food at the Camp Cafe which sucked SO bad. It was so horrible and the service so insanely poor that it would have been funny if everyone wasn't starving. We'll work on something to solve that next year. The food whipped up by Gabe and Matt on Saturday night was the opposite though, cooked right, on time, and enough left over that us night owls got a big batch of seconds around midnight. Job well done on that guys, thanks.

Rob, sorry about your buddy who wadded it up on the 74. We have a special trophy for him, get me his address and we'll send it out right away. Sounds like he's OK and we're stoked about that.

Word has it that the Lake Skinner folks were OK with us, so we may even get invited back next year. I'd love to turn this into an annual deal that we can get better at. To me, this is what bike events should turn into. I gave the speech about being tired of supposed "biker weekends" having devolved into shopping trips in parking lots with manufactured entertainment to anyone who would listen and this proves that we can do it differently if we want to. I was riding tricycles in the 60's not Knuckleheads, but I like to imagine the events back then were a little something simple like this. Thanks to forward thinking sponsors, volunteers and riders who made it happen.

Pics are rolling in and I'll compile an album on flickr when I get them all. If you want to send pics on a disc, send them here, (just know they'll get used for anything and everything so if you are worried about credits and copyrights, don't bother):

Biltwell Bash Pics
27570 Commerce Center Drive #129
Temecula, CA

or email me a link to your online collections.