Mooneyes this weekend

Mooneyes this weekend

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We'll be setting up with BFJ from Lowbrow this weekend at Irwindale, see ya' there!


We wiil have an 8-CAR Cacklefest on the track!


16 AFX Cars are signed up for the races.

Also Confirmed: Pick-A-Part Wheel Stander pickup!

Bob Beck will be in the tower announcing the drag race action!
Schedule on the Track
09:00am Drag Races
12:00pm Cacklefest
1-3pm Drag Races
Schedule of Events

06:00am Gate Opens

09:30am Band Gamblers Mark

11:00am Band Hot Rod Trio

12:00pm Cacklefest on the track

1:00pm Band Dynotones

2:00pm Art Auction

3:30pm Awards Presentation
- Best E.T.
- Best Reaction Time
- Best AFX
- Mooneyes Pick

4:00pm Pin Up Contest

5:00pm Show Ends

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