Mike is on the pipe!

Mike is on the pipe!

November 18, 2007

Mike from DETOX out in Orlando has been having a good time selling Biltwell helmets and some of the other parts, but had never used the pipe kit. So, this weekend he got loaded and built a set. Nice job, Mike. Here's what he had to say about the experience.

After chopping the shit outta my orignal pipes, I decided to give it a go. YUP building my own pipes. I got a Biltwell exhaust kit and some Hollow Point tips off the shelf. Loaded up the welder and headed over to the Detox shop. I got going about 1:30 Saturday afternoon. It was pretty slow going being my first set. I also relocated my breather and spent some tip cleaning up the old clamp areas from the old pipes. After some great cut and welds it all went to shit. About 10 fender lizards showed up with opinions and you shoulda's. Everything from I got a tig welder at work, I know a guy with a tubing bender to whatever. Fuck man it was tough getting anything done. I worked 'til about 9:30 pm and called it a night... After a good night sleep I was back at it around noon Sunday. Seems I got further then I thought. Some sanding and grinding 2 threaded bungs welded in and I was headed for the trees. Yup I hung the pipes from a tree branch and high heated ' em! By 4:00pm I was able to get 'em mounted. Matt Z pounded the tips in and we called it a day!!!
Biltwell kits are great and highly recommended.

So several cases of beer and 2 days this is what I got.