Four Good Books from 2008

Four Good Books from 2008

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Here's my favorite reads from last year.

How to Restore your Harley Davidson by Bruce Palmer
I'm not restoring anything, but last Christmas' gift has been really useful.

House to House by David Bellavia
I'm a sucker for non-fiction war books. This infantry Staff Sergeant's account of the battle of Fallujah is simply the best combat book I've ever read.

The Plan by Rahm Emmanuel
No matter who you voted for, it might be nice to see what this dude was thinking a couple years before Obama named him his pick for Chief of Staff. He's actually got some ideas that are way too practical to ever get implemented.

China Road by Rob Gifford
Finally a book that explains China's current culture in plain English. Gifford's tale of crossing the massive country asking simple questions along the way with zero personal agenda makes me want to ride a Harley down that highway 312 before China of today evolves into the China of Tomorrow.