El Diablo Run Pre Runnin

El Diablo Run Pre Runnin

Please Read This Reading El Diablo Run Pre Runnin 2 minutes Next Seat Pan and Foam Kits are Here!!!
We went down this past weekend for a little fun and Pre EDR scouting and good will. Everyone was great and we took Rob the Trucker an old friend of Bill's with us. He will be newly unemployed in April if all goes right so everyone should help him celebrate his new found lack of anything to get done for anyreason or anybody on the run.

Mexico rest stop and bathroom accomodation sponsored by the EDR and free to use for anyone anytime.

Locals here are super helpful and will not only tell you all the little secrets of how to make your trip easier but they post them up as well. Thanks San Felipe!!!

Reubans Camp Beachfront Palapas

Looks like a good place for an oval track too me!!!

Harold Invites YOU to come on The El Diablo Run!

Rob betting Hal in a little game of pool. Festivities for all!
Ensenada and whoever had this room last year kept quiet cause its the best view!

When you ride into town just head toward this Gargantuan Flag and you;ll find the hotel near by.

I think in Mexico they think Jesus was sacrificed to save Rock n Roll
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