El Cheapo 1.1

El Cheapo 1.1

January 03, 2008

I'll try not to blog about this stupid project every time I fart. But I'll post regular updates when significant progress is made. Not sure if this is really significant, but at least what used to be a perfectly good motorcycle is starting to look like a box of parts and some mix-matched junk. Just the way I like it... It's now torn down about as far as it'll go and I'm starting to procure the parts to go back on. I'll put them on at least twice to try and make sure everything works together and then pull a few pieces off and spray bomb or powder coat and finally re-assemble. Tonight I slipped on the mid-glide trees that I traded McGoo the front end and $100 for. ($1100 left...) These things are more modern and trick then I would usually be attracted to, but on a modern bike like this I think they look OK. The good news is I think they are going to work bitchin' with the old legs and brake that originally came on my pan. The trees will look even better powder coated black and that Tokico brake will work way better when it's put on the proper side! Like I said, this is rough and I'm stupid. I like the look of the Wassell banana tank ($100 on the Jockey Journal, $1000 left) on there it fits pretty well with only minor clearance issues. I still haven't made up my mind and I'm keeping all of the stock sporty mounts so I can always go back to the original tank if I don't like the way this one is working out. One thing I hate is modern bikes made to look "retro" so if this tank doesn't fit, it'll wait for the next project. So far, the box of parts that came off the bike which are not going back on only weighs in at about 26 pounds, I kind of expected more.

Duke likes it.

After looking at the basic stance, even if it is just rolled together loosely with Chris' old front wheel and legs in backwards, I think I like it. Time to lace up that old 16" hoop on the front and order a set of Avons. I like the look of the Shinkos, but they are slightly wider and I'm nervous about clearing the belt and I want to avoid spending the money on a chain-drive conversion but may have to if the rear doesn't leave enough room. I think it will. Next on the list is some tank mounts for the banana and adding a petcock bung from Bung King. Then, most of the back fender stays will get bobbed and the stock rear fender trimmed. Up front, the fender bosses will get shaved off the forks and some new seals put in. Stay tuned...