EDR Pre Run, Pot Holes and BMX Dirt!!!

EDR Pre Run, Pot Holes and BMX Dirt!!!

January 19, 2008

Bill, Hal, Joel and I went on a pre run this weekend to check in with hotel guys and just keep up on whats going on down there. What can I say if you have been there you understand if not then you just gotta go. . .Its Mexico and thats always an adventure!

You gotta try and leave your mark there cause it will definitely leave its mark on you. Uh hmm hmm right!?!

Check out the EDR site for all the current updates on everything from roads to hotels etc. . .

We ran across these in Ensenada and if you're into BMX these ruled. Someone needs to get down here and shoot some great shots Keith!!!

Biltwell sponsored these and a few other potholes for ya, no thanks necessary they are everywhere so there is plenty for all to be had or had by.