EDR or Bust!

For three years I've subjected myself to the agony and the ecstacy of building a motorcycle for the El Diablo Run. This year I decided to cut myself some slack and just tweak last year's EDR bike for next year's ride. Modifications include a new 19" x 3.5" front wheel, a new seat courtesy of Xian Leather, and some stubby little handlebars from a Ducati Monster. I am shaking down my refurbished Sporty on the ride to the Smokeout West this weekend. I'm really happy with the new stance and the new front rubber, and Xian once again outdid himself on the first-class seating. Thanks to Bob at Temecula Motorcycle repair for mounting and balancing my front tire, and thanks to Christian at Xian for getting my new seat done in time for the SOW. See you in Cottonwood...

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Side profile. I think the skinnier and taller front tire gives it a more classic chopper stance, whatever that means.

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Xian trod upon new territory with this seat. Embroidery and canvas aren't materials Christian is known to work with, but his finished product is exemplary. I love this seat.

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The inverted Biltwell Clubman bars on earlier versions of my motorcycle were awesome, but my friend Kim convinced me to give the sportbike bars off his Ducati a shot. I change handlebars like Chris Collins switches cylinders, which as anyone who has seen Oklahoma's Pan can tell you is a lot!

-- McGoo