Duane's Latest

Duane's Latest

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Duane Ballard's latest build lasted about 20 minutes on the Jockey Journal before moderators deleted his thread, apparently due to the whole Asiatic nature of it all. To show a brother some love, I'll be blogging this baby right here. Thanks for the quick turnaround on my street tracker seat, Duane. Keep the build photos coming…

The inspiration for Duane's new creation

When Freddy Hernandez is finished with the frame, the Torker BMX twin top tubes will form the lower spine of the bike's integrated gas tank

One man's ugly-ass Road King mag is another man's Halibrand knock-off. Dope shit, DB

Quad exhaust will snake around the twin down tubes in a serpentine fashion like some kind of horseshoe brain teaser from a Stuckey's in hell