Drunken Stupor in a Padded Room!

Drunken Stupor in a Padded Room!

Paul's XL Reading Drunken Stupor in a Padded Room! 1 minute Next Seat Final Samples!

Well Wes at FOUR ACES got our first few helmets to sell. The rest will show up in about 20-30 days. So move quick and be the first on your block to get one.

"I have NINE BILTWELL Helmets to sell. They were an advanced shipment that accidently got sent to me. There are only nine helmets. The rest of the helmets will be here in August. Sorry not enough to fill the "painter's special" right now.

These are sold FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. You must e-mail and get clearance to PAYPAL me or you can call the shop and put it on your Credit Card. (818) 834-1060. These will go FAST so I do not want any misunderstandings with payments.

$75 for solid colors

I have:

(1) Black Helmet
(1) Green Flake Helmet
(2) Blue Flake helmet
(2) Red Flake helmets
(2) Silver helmets
(1) Gold Flake Helmet.

Remember these are novelty NON-DOT helmets that should only be worn unless you are protecting your noggin from a drunken stupor in a padded room. And Fucking-A proud of it."