Daytona Schedule

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Here's the schedule for Daytona. We get in Tuesday night.

Monday-March 7 - Limpnickie Lot opens 10am - 6 pm
Boys And Girls Club Day On The Lot – 3pm – 5pm
The South Florida Boys and Girls Club will be visiting the Lot for a picnic lunch and to see the builders.

Old Fashion Biker Movies 8-10pm

Tuesday-March 8- Limpnickie Lot open 8-6
1st Annual Swap Meet – Free Set Up – Free Admission. 8-6 At The Skate Park

Cycle Source/Limpnickie Industry Reception –  At The Skate Park  5-7pm 357 Stream Band will be playing

Wednesday-March  Lot opens 10am - 6 pm
Old fashion Biker Movies 8-10

Thursday March 10- Lot opens 10am - 6 pm
Ride to Willies- meet at the Lot@ 9- ride out @ 10am

Limpnickie Night at the Broken Spoke Saloon- meet @ willies @ 8-head to the Broken Spoke Saloon @ 9pm 357 Stream Band will be playing

Friday-March 11 - Lot opens 10am - 6 pm
Cycle Source/ Limpnickie Lot Chopper Show 12-5

Live Video Tech Tip with Roadside Marty and ACME Choppers. Roadside will be swapping out a hydro front end for an ACME Springer and the Cycle Source will be filming.

I poached this 1972 photo from American Wind.