Clearly Superior

Clearly Superior

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See What You’ve Been Missing with a New Shield for Your Biltwell Helmet

The importance of seeing clearly when you ride can’t be overstated. While the shield on your Biltwell helmet is a precise optical accessory, it’s not a bulletproof forcefield. After you hit the hundredth bug or the first hummingbird, it’s probably time to replace it. If you’re not sure, give it a quick inspection. Scratches aren’t a sign of failure—they’re proof the shield did its job. Each one means some airborne object didn’t poke your eye out in the fast lane—a BIG win. Celebrate your good fortune and smart gear choices by installing a new shield on your helmet.


Retro or racy, there’s a Gringo S shield to complete your style

Every Lane Splitter and Gringo S shield is injection molded with impact- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate plastic. Yellow and smoke shields feature permanent in-mold colorizing. Mirror shields feature an electrostatic treatment that bonds the tint to the molded plastic. Every shield regardless of tint or treatment filters +91% UV/A and +99% UV/B ultraviolet light. Everyone deserves their day in the sun, but not at the expense of visual clarity.