El Diablo Run The Hard Way

El Diablo Run The Hard Way

November 17, 2021

The inaugural El Diablo Run attracted a rogue’s gallery of choppers—anything the three dozen or so home and pro builders who crossed the border that first time in 2006 could have imagined. As tastes in custom bikes evolved, so too did the hand-built machines that flocked to Baja each year.

While plenty of baggers and Dynas now participate in the bi-annual parade, hundreds of custom metric and American machines still make the pilgrimage to San Felipe. Now as always, El Diablo Run is a celebration of custom motorcycles and the people who build and ride them. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the choppers of the 2021 El Diablo Run.

Hardy souls that ride and wrench on old bikes still exist in the world and the EDR never fails to brings ‘em out. Tools of the trade: Perfect cone shovel chop and a bit of extra gas and oil. Choppers & Palapas = Muy bueno.
Fred rode this shitbox, hand-made 150cc single chopper thingy with a gas tank for a fender for days to get from his home in mainland Mexico to San Felipe. It wasn’t his first attempt, but was his first successful one. He got the hard ass award of course. Follow him on Instagram: @barba_negra_metal_works
AZ Nick’s hot rod shovel he rode from Phoenix. The bike did great, but he was sick for weeks after the run.
The EDR has always been open to any rider on any bike, but the run was designed specifically with hand-built choppers in mind.
Chris Lacy: “Trailers are for boats. EDR is for choppers.”
Choppers Magazine editor Carey Brobeck hasn’t missed an EDR since 2008. All of ‘em on this black panhead chop.
Big twin Evo powered chop. Nothing wrong with fast and reliable!
M.O. hates the internet and is going to be pissed at us for showing his bike here. But we’ll do it anyway because we love it, and him.