January 04, 2009

Make your plans now! Sumo, our English friend and Biltwell stockist (Vintage Chop) is doing his second annual Tipple Run in about nine months. Looks like a blast! Here's what he's got to say about it:

Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th September 2009

Tipple Run 2009 is in the planning stages and its looking like being the year of the cider. After last years more than a little damp run we are putting the date back a bit to September and also heading South instead of North - between those things hopefully it should be more clement weather but this is Blighty so no promises.

These are the dates so you can keep them clear in your diary.

Same deal as last year - This is a chill out and party kind of deal, no attitudes, no fees, no promises. If you don’t expect much then you'll come away happy.

If you think your bike has a fighting chance of making the run then you are welcome. If you like building and fixing cool stuff its probably your kind of thing, be it on a supercharged trike, an old brit restoration or anything in between. If you are more of the weekend power-ranger brigade then its most likely not for you.

THIS IS NOT A RALLY... as the name suggests its a RUN - its about the riding then party when we get to destination. There are no bands put on or entertainment of any sort. Ride your bike make your own fun.

You need to look after yourself and your own bike - there wont be anyone behind you to pick you up if you break down.

Preliminary route for Tipple Run 09, split over 3 days depending where we find suitable camp sites. Leaving you the sunday to get home from Brighton/Hastings sort of area. This may change some but its the bones of it. The route will be pre-run in the spring and finalised. We are looking at around 200 miles a day passing through 3 national parks and the plan is to find cider farms that have camping on site.