Biltwell NorCal Chopper Holiday: The McGoo Chronicles

Biltwell NorCal Chopper Holiday: The McGoo Chronicles

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A more thorough account of all the radness that occurred on last week's Biltwell NorCal Chopper Holiday will undoubtedly circulate when Bill and Mike return from the second half of our adventure. In the mean time, please enjoy these pics from my abbreviated four-day leg of the ride.

0600 07.21.11 at Biltwell HQ. That's BF Josh and his super-dope Sportster 1200SS 15 minutes before its tranny locked up at 85 on the 215 North. Luckily our friend Matt was following us in Josh's E-350, so we loaded the bike with plans to repair it on the road…

The man with the plan: Bill and his FXR were locked and loaded for this adventure. All I had to do was hop on his wheel and enjoy the 90+ mph ride.

We hooked up with our friend XS Eric and his lovely lady friend Whitney in Adelanto, CA, off the 395. Ooops—better make that CB Eric. Our faithful friend's 750 freedom machine ran flawlessly during my two days with him on the highway.

Jason Ball is another constant companion on many SoCal motorcycle adventures, and this trip was no exception. Jason was waiting for us at the Pilot gas station on 395 North just as planned, and he was the first guy to get pulled over by cops. Luckily, Jason escaped with just a warning. Thanks officer!

Bishop Choppers is a one-man affair off the 395 North in the mountain town that gives the funky shop its name. We stopped by to kill time while Mike D's cousin Eric fixed a flat on his Sportster 150 miles further back at Victorville H-D. Eric, Mike D and the chase van caught up with us by Mammoth, and our posse pinned it to Lake Lundy for camping in the high country.

This was Eric's first motorcycle adventure, but it won't be his last. Mike D's cousin is a self-contained man of action, and he brought a quiver of survival knives and camping gear to prove it.

CB Eric and Whitney, enjoying sunshine and period correct thrift store apparel in Tuolomne Meadows on the 120 West.

Tuolomne Meadows, Yosemite National Forest

After enjoying a Kodak moment in Yosemite National Park on day two, our band of outlaws beat the heat with a brisk dip in the lake. Mike D shoots the Sex Panther while Billdozer and CB Eric ponder the majesty of it all.

(L to R) Mike D, Whitney, BF Josh, CB Eric, Bill

Even outlaws need to relax

China Camp, CA, off the 120 West was where we topped off fuel and said goodbye to Whitney and CB Eric for the time being. Eric and his old lady visited Whitney's grandparents in Copperopolis, but rejoined our crew at the KOA Kampground in Petaluma, CA in Marin county later that evening.

Petaluma KOA was by far the best corporate-style outdoor adventure any of us had ever experienced. Our bay area brother Scotty and ten friends and acquaintances rolled in around midnight. We treated our guests to screw top wine, high-dollar s'mores and Newcastle beer.

Ask Scotty about his bobber. I dare you…

Bill and Scotty talk bobbers and choppers in advance of my Saturday morning departure.

Jason and Mike D regale chase truck driver Matt Frick with a recap of the previous night's debauchery. How our friend could sleep through the arrival of ten choppers at midnight was a mystery to everyone.

Fast, reliable and easy to start: that's my BMX G650 X-Challenge. From sea level to 9,995 feet, this fuel-injected water-cooled single served me faithfully, even during 90+ MPH pulls up steep mountain grades. Fun as it was to ride my enduro bike, I can't wait to start working on the SpartanKiller again. Hey Wompy—are you ready to machine my foot controls?

Thanks to everyone who joined us on Bill's excellent adventure.

-- McGoo

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