Back in Black

Back in Black

April 08, 2009

The Sand Flea in it's natural environment. I sold off a stillborn VW project a month or two ago and spent that dough on this little beast. A grown man has to be confident in his sexuality to drive a Samurai. It worked so well in the dunes, I think I'm OK with it.

The Patina Cantina. A screen room on the front porch. It's open all year round if you are ever in Rancho San Antonio Del Mar, feel free to relax in there– just leave a sticker on the rusty old fridge and clean up after yourself. It's the little white shack on the north side of the beach with the Rancho Relaxo sign on the outhouse...

I should have been working on the FXR last weekend and helping get ready for the BASH. Instead I went to Baja with the family and a couple close friends. Back on the grid and nose to the grindstone today. Got a skinnier tire mounted up front, and spaced the caliper. Seems to have solved the problem of one of the West Eagle fork covers hitting the wider Avon tire I had on earlier. I put a few miles on it tonight and it sounds/feels/rides solid. I'm hoping for clear skies and the long route to work in the morning to shake it down a little harder and see what falls off, loosens up, etc. Still a few cosmetic details to work out but pretty tight. I like the Friscos on there but we are working on some Chimp bars that I'll eventually replace them with. Also going to make a little rack/tie down chingas on the rear fender before next weekend.

It ain't a chopper, but it sure is fun to ride.