A New Breed?

A New Breed?

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We've been preaching for a couple years now that there is a new motorcycle enthusiast emerging as many of the last generation move on to golfing, die from ass-cancer or run out of easy credit. This new dude wants to have fun riding and making motorcycles, not play dress up and flex his wallet on the weekend.

Meet our friend Steve Crandall from New York. He helped organize a road trip on bikes and with a bio-diesel short bus from NY to North Carolina last week and I kind of think he is the vanguard of this next gen biker. Yes, the trip was in January, not exactly warm.

Among other things, Crandall runs a ruling BMX company called FBM. Fat Bald Men. Fire Beer Mayhem. Whatever, it's cool, they make their own stuff, and now they are getting into motorcycles. Mix up some serious bike-handling skills, fabrication knowledge and punk rock and I think this is what you get.

Crandall sent me a couple updates while they were on the trip and it sounds like they had a blast riding in the cold and shredding the gnar. Enjoy the photos. We are thinking about licensing the 55 gallon drum side hack to make as a Biltwell product...

Thanks for sharing, Steve.