EXFIL-7 Bag - Black

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Fitment: LIke other DIY parts and accessories in our line, the EXFIL-7 is customizable for different applications and mounting locations. On our personal bikes we've mounted heavily laden EXFIL-7 bags on the frame's down tubes, above the headlight on tall and mid-sized handlebars, and of course on both sides of our sissy bar (in front of the taillight and behind the rider's lower back.) EXFIL-7's MOLLE strap configuration and four reinforced leather straps with nickel-plated buckles easily facilitates this wide range of mounting options.

  • Integrated MOLLE system
  • YKK Zippers
  • Duraflex Buckles
  • UV Treated 1680 ballistic polyester
  • Detachable mounting straps are made of PVC
  • PVC backed for increased water resistance
  • Holds 7 - 12oz cans
  • 3.5 liter fluid capacity

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Pack yer trash, recruit!

Overview: EXFIL is military parlance for "exfiltrate" which means, "Get the hell out of there as fast and organized as possible." EXFIL-7 is the first component in our rugged, function-forward line of collapsible transport and storage gear for action-oriented motorcycle enthusiasts. Unlike model-specific luggage for adventure bikes or the wild west-themed satchels popular with retro chopperheads, the Biltwell EXFIL-7 combines modern materials and construction with military-tested retention and expansion technology to create luggage that works even tougher than it looks. The "7" in this bag's name refers to the number of 12-oz. beer cans that can be stored and transported in its padded main compartment. Other Biltwell EXFIL bags will utilize this naming convention to help riders calculate the volume of equipment every bag will carry.

Compartment dimensions:
Main: 11" wide x 5.75" deep x 4.75" wide
Large pocket: 9.75" wide x 5.75" deep with 8.0" opening
Small pocket: 5.75" wide x 4.25" deep with 4.5" opening


5 Star Rating

10/01/2018 11:57am

i found myself in need of a day pack suitably sized to carry the necessary sundries: a small tool roll, a few beers, a quart of oil, and some combustibles. i didn't want to go with a tank bag for fear of ruining the lines of my leaky sportster. the exfil 7 fit the bill just right--it looks great on the bike, and while it's currently on my bars above my headlight, i imagine it'll look classy where ever i get strapped to.


5 Star Rating

09/23/2018 03:41pm

I took off on a 4,000 mile roadtrip and with this bag strapped to the handlebars, it housed my camera and anything else I needed to get at quickly, well designed, easy to get at pockets even with gloves on, such a great little bag!


5 Star Rating

08/07/2018 06:58pm

Nice, high quality, water resistant bag.


5 Star Rating

03/27/2018 01:43pm

Perfect size bag for day rides. Quality made product. I purchased one and mounted it to my fender. I plan on getting another for the other side. The only complaint I have is with the leather straps. Not sure I understand the thought behind a leather strap with a nylon bag. Easy fix though!


Don Montalvo
5 Star Rating

03/02/2018 12:19pm

A very rare, perfectly designed product that everyone should have and that makes a good stocking stuffer. I have one on my 2017 Harley Davidson Street Bob handlebar. I get asked about it all the time.


Dana Pellerin
5 Star Rating

07/10/2017 01:36pm

I was looking for a small bag that would strap onto the very small rack on the back of my Triumph Street Scrambler. This bag fit the bill perfectly. The MOLLE mounting system and buckled straps let you mount this thing anywhere. Plenty of room for water, sunglasses, or whatever, and the two flat pockets are perfect for storing registration papers. The only thing I thought was odd are the two large quick release buckles that attach to the lid of the main compartment. The compartment already has a zipper so the buckles just get in the way. Overall though, this is a fantastic bag.


5 Star Rating

06/30/2017 11:30am

So much room in this bag I lost my virginity in it. Definitely worth the money. 10 out of 10 bang.


Dom R
5 Star Rating

05/28/2017 10:08am

Yeah best front fork bag i have found anywhere.Looks and preforms great ! Well worth the money,looks awesome on my soft tail.


Terrosi Daniel
5 Star Rating

05/14/2017 05:51am

Very good product, its 3 years I have it, it does not disappoint me, it is practical and waterproof even with heavy rain.


Ryan Fortier
5 Star Rating

02/24/2016 12:47am

I have this on my fxd facing outward, tucked inside my mess fairing. It's quality is insane! I have an extra visor, tools and other misc. items in there and still have plenty of room to spare, and the small pockets are great too for cell phones. A must have if you want to stash your gear!


5 Star Rating

11/05/2015 10:44pm

My first biltwell product and definitely not my last. This bag is bad ass for my dyna. Fits my gloves, glasses, insurance/registration and a p64. Very nicely made!


Mike R
5 Star Rating

07/22/2015 11:56pm

I didn't want to ride with saddle bags and was tired of carrying a backpack, put this guy on the back of my sissy bar and it holds everything I need for the ride


Alex Dughman
5 Star Rating

06/11/2015 11:40am

You would have to be out of your mind not to buy this bag. Any real biker knows you need some sort of luggage. This answered all my years of bulls#it and frustration. A five start product.


Brian Falvey
5 Star Rating

06/21/2014 12:56pm

DUDES! This bag bag is some primo sh#t!! Great design, perfectly constructed, have had a chance to test the infamous '7' can test yet HA frankly because I consume them before I get to travel with them. But what I will say is had to stop to get some oil to do a change the other day in the 48 and wanted you guys to know that no problem what so ever did the bag have holding 3 quarts of Mobile 1 V-Twin oil !!! Also managed to use the top strap and one of the extra leather belt straps provided to secure my oil filter to the top of the bag ! Again thanx for the great product and high integrity values of the real riding culture. Keep on keeping on with the work ! Can't wait to get up some hard earned cash and spend it wisely on more highly Biltwell ' pun intended products! O Utah and one more things im looking forward to getting some more of your awesome stickers for my lid ! FTW BROTHERS.... RIDE MOTORCYCLES AND HAVE FUN!


Beau H.
5 Star Rating

06/20/2014 08:17pm

Like all Biltwell products, this bag is top notch! While I haven't tried to throw in a sixer 1, the Exfil-7 gives me just enough space for all my essentials. The bag looks rad strapped on the back of the sissy bar. It has all the old Baggers wondering why they chose leather in the first place!