JD's Adventure Shovel

JD's Adventure Shovel

July 14, 2020

We've decided to postpone the Operation Numbnuts trip to the Arctic Circle until 2021. With COVID-19 not showing any signs of abating any time soon and the Canadian border still closed, it just made sense. We could've taken the ferry back instead of riding through the Yukon and BC, but that would cost a fortune and eliminate some of the best riding areas we were really looking forward to. Most importantly, it's not the most responsible thing for a bunch of us to roll into the small towns and villages in remote areas along the way, so we decided to shelf it for another 11-12 months.

Most of us are ready to go, but JD has probably done the most prep on his bike in anticipation of the trip. He pulled the pan engine out and swapped in the trusty cone shovel from his chopper. Then he built the windscreen complete with "doped" canvas just like vintage airplane wings were made back in the day. He hand-made the custom rubber/leather tour pack bag, made sure his fly-fishing rig had a mount, fitted up a front fender for the first time and he's good to go!

He's way ahead of the game for next year, so who knows what crafty old JD will think up to add on to this awesome machine over the next few months...