Born Free 6

Born Free 6

July 01, 2014

What do you say about the world's best custom motorcycle show / chopper renaissance fair that hasn't been said already? The outfits were hilarious and the bikes were outstanding. Thanks to everyone who came by and said hi, and thanks to Grant, Mike, Huber and the whole crew who busted ass to take this show to the next level.

Jesse from Gasbox would have won the "Understated Luxury Knucklehead" class if there was one
Teach's bikes always look like a blast to ride, don't they?
T-Bone just shits excellence. So much neat stuff going on here
If I had the winning ticket, this would've been my pick. -Bill
Brad & Ry's tidy shovelhead was killer
Kosuke consistently crushes it
Phares brought some "GO" to the show
I have no idea who Snodgrass is, but the urban dictionary says this: The hair on a mans neck (sometimes called neck pubes) which is a cross between head hair, and body hair. It is called snodgrass when it gets out of control.
Lots of friends pitched in to finish off the Larry Special and it was heart warming to see Ashley get the "Builder's Choice" award
Randy "Lucky" Farjardo won this Small City Cycles-built knucklehead on Sunday
Paul Cox with his exposed rocker pan head. Is it still a pan head if it doesn't have the dog bowl rocker covers?
Cut Rate Oliver's bike is as narrow and evil as a motorcycle can possibly be.
Cook's Corner was chock full of good bikes Friday and Saturday