Bubble Shield Anti-Fog - Chrome Mirror

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5 Star Rating
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Overview: Anti-Fog injection-molded polycarbonate shields in solid and mirror finishes. Plated snaps feature the Biltwell anvil logo. Fits stock 3-snap visor configuration on most helmets. Accept no substitutes: make sure the next bubble shield you own features the "Biltwell" script logo.

UV Tested: Biltwell Bubble Shields are UV rated at UV +50 with over 91% UVA block and over 99% UVB block. Shields were evaluated for UV resistance as per test method AATCC 183.

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Cale Marlow
5 Star Rating

02/01/2019 04:26am

Absolutely love the Gringo buuble shield, nice and firm, and lots of style.


5 Star Rating

05/09/2018 05:47pm

I bought a shield some months back and one of the buttons snapped off from pulling it off. I was disappointed but biltwell stands behind their products and quickly shipped me a replacement. And I’m happy again to have my shield on. I ride with the shield or sometimes with some goggles. I prefer the shield hands down. People can’t see me through the mirror and I think it really adds a cool ass look. Thanks biltwell I will continue to buy your products based off the amazing customer service i received. For biltwell they may say they didn’t do much but nowadays to receive the level of service that i received from customer care is rare. Great job guys standing behind uour product and keeping a customer happy.


Daniel Jim
5 Star Rating

05/05/2017 12:51pm

It was love at first sight! I received my Bonanza helmet and I just love it, it's comfortable, elegant, safe and fantastic for the photographs when you combine it with any Bubble Shield! At first I had many doubts about what would be the perfect size for me, but the guide of choice helped me a lot, you're going to be safe if you use it! The Bubble Shield Chrome Mirror is amazing, even to handle at night is perfect! Thanks for this incredible product...


Bryce Job
5 Star Rating

07/06/2016 08:42pm

Absolutely love the look of this shield. I forget it's on most of the time. I have noticed over time if you remove it and put it back on your helmet several times (mainly for cleaning purposes in my case) that the buttons seem to rattle more and the shield seems to fit a little looser then then first time I snapped it on the helmet.


Andy Munoz
5 Star Rating

06/29/2016 11:37am

The coolest shield around, makes for awesome photos (if you're into that kind of thing). I personally look a bit goofy in a helmet, so having a chrome shield that reflects everything back, makes me look much cooler than I really am! I wouldn't recommend it for night use, you'll want to pick up a clear shield; unless you like living on the edge. Other than that, a great buy and I'm happy with it.


Bill H
5 Star Rating

04/21/2016 10:19am

I've had flip up shields for years and always thought the bubble shields were kinda stupid. Boy was I wrong. I had not only a flip up shield fly off in mid ride, but I also had a half shield fly off in mid ride (2 different helmets). Found this one at a local shop and absolutely LOVE it!!! Definitely don't recommend wearing this one at night (WAY too dark even with my highbeam on). Looks killer on my vintage and newer 3/4 helmet. WILL be buying more and tossing the flip ups.


5 Star Rating

08/23/2015 06:24pm

I didn't know what to expect when buying this visor, but i'm super happy with it!! I ride home from work at night and theres no distortion from the tint. It's crazy how it seems like it isn't even there. I love this thing and I'd recommend it to anyone even questioning it. I use the same cloth to clean it that i use for my tv and i've found that it works best with a little windex.


5 Star Rating

02/08/2015 10:01pm

I have to say that I loved this shield. I bought a few vintage shields on eBay in the past and the smelled like barf and the snaps were loose. This shield was nothing like that. Brand new plastic, great snaps, no distorted view, and it made me look like an astronaut! What could be better than that? I'll tell you. It saved my face way better than I ever thought it could when hit head on by a truck at 45mph. I never had the chance to brake. He just shot straight out across 3 lanes and swore he never saw me. Totaled my bike and broke both lower bones of my arm but not a scratch on my face after shattering his windshield. It scratched the right side of the shield and my helmet pretty deeply and broke the right snap clean off but stayed attached to my helmet and didn't flex or crack. I hear a lot of negativity about 3/4 helmets but this shield kept me looking just as ugly as I've ever been. I'm a believer and can't wait to get myself a new one as soon as I can pick up a new helmet and get my bike registered again. I'll definitely be picking up a few different colors and can't thank Biltwell enough for putting out such quality products.


5 Star Rating

03/02/2014 07:01pm

This is a great shield. It provides excellent sun protection. I wear both sunglasses and my regular glasses with it depending on how bright the conditions are. I have even used the shield at night. No issues with distorted vision. I've has no issues with wind catching the shield and making me paranoid that it will be pulled off--it holds tight.


5 Star Rating

12/09/2013 09:37am

awesome look to it, completely mirrored so you can't see your face. useable at night although a bit darker than the less tinted versions, but no issues there.