Biltwell 500 Update

Biltwell 500 Update

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OK, here's the scoop. We've moved the event 12 miles farther south to Quatro Casas. This is a pretty well known surf spot, and there is a small hostel and skate bowl there. You can camp, have access to a crapper and shower for $15 per night per person. The camping is right on the bluff and we'll be having nightly bonfires with nude fireworks displays starting about tequila-thirty. There are even a couple beds in the hostel if you are one of the first few there and can grab one. I'd rather sleep on the cliff, so have at 'em.

Richard rents surfboards, wetsuits, etc and will also be cooking some breakfast and dinners and selling beer for $1.50 a bottle, but I have a feeling that we will overwhelm him pretty quick, so be prepared to fend for yourself. Biltwell will be hosting a BBQ on Monday night, so you are covered for one meal.

The route is easy. The only hard part is winding your way through Ensenada if it's your first time. We are leaving from the Denny's in Carlsbad at 9:00AM. This will be efficient for people coming from Long Beach and the Born Free show the day before. There is only one highway that heads south, and as long as you turn right at km146, and then right when you hit the beach, it's nearly impossible to screw up. There is about ten miles of dirt riding to get to Quatros. It's just regular old washboard and you can make it on any bike. If you are scared, please don't come. Here's a super high tech map, plug it into your GPS.

No guns. No drugs.

Please read all the details here:

If you are a Chop Cult member and plan on going, please RSVP so we can get a rough head count. We're really looking forward to this. It won't be an EDR, but I guarantee it'll be plenty of fun.

Ride your motorcycle, yay!

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