Street Chopper

Street Chopper

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Wow, we got a sneak peek yesterday at the December issue of Street Chopper. We'll be stoked to see Billy Bartells take over as editor and hope he continues this trend away from the gross, over-priced penis extension bikes and embraces the bikes, people and events that seem more relevant to us regular guys who will never pay 50 grand for some rolling easter egg. Thanks for your hard work on this directional change Courtney and crew.

You can look forward to seeing our friend Caleb's Gran Sancho panhead shot earlier in the year down in San Felipe in this issue. Wow, a nicely crafted custom motorcyle that gets the piss ridden out of it on a regular basis? You bet. Good for you, Caleb, and thanks SC for showing real bikes not just show queens.

Also in this issue, painter extraordinaire, Harpoon does a tech story on helmet painting. It just happens to be on a couple of our lids, but could be applied to anything. Cool thing is all the stuff is available at your local crafts store and it's not all super-secret unobtainium flakes scraped from Ken Howard's old school bus. Great job on the lids, Poon, they look rad and your captions are as entertaining as they are informative.

Lastly, there are six pages of McGoo's writing and our friend Eric Penrod's photos describing our trek to NY this past summer. They even used that lucky little pic I shot while Chris and I were riding over the Queensborough Bridge into Manhattan. It's not your standard tough guy chopper story which makes it fun. Thanks again to everyone we met on that trip, reading the story and looking at the pics again really made me crave Guiness and potholes for some reason...