Bar Update

Bar Update

Alright, who's is it? Reading Bar Update 2 minutes Next GTPDOTCOM!?

OK, the bar recall has come and gone and we don't have the new ones in but we will sometime around the end of June/early July.

They will be released in three phases;
1. Keystones, Clubmans and Friscos with no dimples first.
2. Then Keystones, Clubmans and Friscos with dimples for stock controls.
3. Finally, sometime in August we should have 3-4 new designs in both dimpled and no-dimpled.

This next generation of Frisco bars has been lowered by about 2" to reduce leverage on the lower welds. Also, all material thickness has been increased to .120" wall and all of the bars are stilll made out of 4130 chromoly tubing. That is some strong shit there.

We've sent checks out to everyone who sent in their bars except these dudes, whom we need return addresses for. If you know them, tell 'em to get in touch with us for an address to send the check to.

Tom Comer
Jeremy Morgan
Mike Scheers

We'll sit on your refunds to see if you guys surface with the required info and if you don't, we'll spend it on beer and barbed-wire tattoos.

Thanks to everyone for their patience during this thing, we're almost through it and we think you'll be stoked on all the new stuff once it's in stock and shipping.

Bill, Chris & McGoo