2022 People's Champ Winner: Clay Krick

2022 People's Champ Winner: Clay Krick

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People's Champ 2022 Winner: Clay Krick / Harrisburg, PA

76 Honda CB750

Starting with a Swap meet frame and a home-built 6’ long twisted girder front Clay Krick jumped in this year’s competition ready to show that the CB750 is the perfect motor to build a 70’s style time machine. Employed as a welding contractor for the Navy, Clay had to build this bike around working on the mid-shift. This required a lot of early mornings and late nights to hit all the deadlines and put out this amazing machine. With the boys over at Depth of Image sprayed the paint on this 12’ long bike really tied it all together. We present to you the 2022 Biltwell Peoples Champ bike– the “Loose Goose”!

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People's Champ Party at Cook's Corner

As usual, the Friday night before Born Free, we took over our favorite Orange County dive bar – Cook's Corner. While the builders have to ride their hand-built death traps over Ortega Highway to the bar, we hung banners, dropped spotlights, and prepped the patio area for their arrival. Voting was live all week and we shut the polls down Friday morning and started counting while they were on the way. All riders who took off for the 50-ish mile shakedown made it successfully, so they all qualified to remain in the competition. By early evening, Cook's was standing room only, and once it got closer to announcement time it was at max density.

Josh MC'd the event and announced Clay's win to a cacophony of cheers, spraying beer suds, and hugs from the other builders and Clay's family who came to support him. For his win, Clay took home $10k in prizes from our generous sponsors, a custom-made WhiteKnuckler fixed-blade knife (actually, all of the final 6 builders got one!), and was allowed to display his wild machine on the grass with the rest of the Invited Builders at the big show – Born Free the next day. For us, it was a satisfying conclusion seeing all the builders work so hard, successfully make the ride and then have a good time at the party. Our goal with this event is to shine a spotlight on builders who have plenty of skill but none of the recognition and this year that spotlight shined bright on a motivated young man who brought a looooong ass, Honda, out all the way from PA. Good job, Clay!

If you think you have what it takes to be the next Champ or for more information on the 2023 Biltwell People’s Champ competition, please check out www.peopleschampshow.com and follow @biltwell_peoples_champ on Instagram for updates.  You can also contact us at champ@biltwellinc.com with any questions.

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